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Walnut croissants

Walnut croissants

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Mix margarine with sugar, walnuts and flour. When it comes to a moldable composition, make the croissants.

Bake in a tray lined with flour until golden.

When they are removed, add the powdered sugar.


Cornlets with walnuts and plum jam

If you made plum jam this autumn, you must also prepare some specific desserts, such as these delicious croissants with walnuts and plum jam!


9 tablespoons borscht or mineral water

flour containing (250-300 g)

1 sachet of ammonium for cakes

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

Method of preparation

In an bowl, press the margarine with a fork. Over, gradually pour the 9 tablespoons of borscht (boiled, taken directly from the heat).

Mix well and add flour, which contains 250-300 g, until the dough becomes homogeneous and is removed from the dough.

Add the sachet of ammonium dissolved in lemon juice to a cup.

Continue kneading and add flour if needed.

Add vanilla sugar for more flavor.

Spread the dough on the table lined with flour, in a thin sheet. Form squares.

At the end of each put a little mixture of plum jam and pieces of ripe and chopped walnuts. It's running.

Grease the pan with very little margarine, line with flour and place the croissants & icircn tray. Put in the oven and remove when the copper is a little thick, after about 20 minutes.

Method of preparation

Cream donuts stuffed with walnuts

grease the lard or frame with half of the flour, put the rest of the ingredients and knead a dough

Walnut croissants

Put the yeast to leaven with a little sugar, warm water and flour. Put in a bowl the rest of

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