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You Can Now Get Everything Bagel Seasoning—Plus Dozens of New Healthy Snacks—At CVS

You Can Now Get Everything Bagel Seasoning—Plus Dozens of New Healthy Snacks—At CVS

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The company’s Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem Abound lines launched 70 new snack and grocery items this month.

CVS Pharmacy is boosting its variety of better-for-you snacks and groceries, and announced the launch of 70 new private label snacks and grocery items to be released this spring. We've been impressed with the snack lineup at CVS—not only are many of their house brand snacks healthy, but they also consistently taste good, even winning a taste test award from us last year.

Of course we were thrilled to learn the giant retailer will be selling Gold Emblem Everything Bagel Seasoning and can now rest assured that we can find our favorite seasoning blend even in cities lacking a Trader Joe’s. Even better, they are also selling Everything Bagel Cashews (which taste amazing, by the way).

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You’ll be able to find the Gold Emblem Everything Bagel Seasoning in select CVS stores nationwide and on for $3.19 for a standard 2.7-oz bottle, along with some other exciting new products. From turkey jerky to dark chocolate freeze dried bananas to organic breakfast bars, there are 70 new reasons to pop in to your local CVS Pharmacy!

Looking for more healthy snack ideas?

“Nearly half of the food selections in CVS Pharmacy stores are healthier options, and, with this new expansion of snack and grocery products within our exclusive Gold Emblem Abound and Gold Emblem lines, we’re thrilled to bring even more exciting, on-trend options featuring unique and savory flavor combinations that we know our customers can enjoy,” Brenda Lord, Vice President of Private Brands at CVS Health told Cooking Light. “Plus, with our refreshed Abound packaging, it’s also easier for those with certain dietary preferences to quickly pop in and find what they need without the headaches.”

Be on the lookout for this refreshed Gold Emblem Abound packaging with a brand-new logo and enhanced nutritional callouts to help those looking for gluten-free, USDA organic, cholesterol free, vegan and other healthy products easier. Check out some of our other favorite healthy snacks from CVS, here.

40+ Cheap And Easy Savory Snacks To Make At Home

I love savory snacks, for when I’m needing a little pick me up but it’s not yet time for something sweet.

Now you could say any time is sweet time, but I try to be good for the majority of each day.

Which means sweet things are reserved for either after dinner or the weekend.

Unless I’ve fallen off the wagon in which case everything goes and usually the sweeter the better!

Snacks are those little treats to both fill you up and make you feel good.

I can’t imagine life without snacks in it, even if I may eat one or two more than I should.

What You'll Need

  • Clean glass jars with tight-fitting lids. The lids are important to keep the seasonings fresh, and glass is important since plastic containers will absorb the smell of the ingredients.
  • Coffee grinder (or a spice grinder, which is basically the same thing). Naturally, you'll want to clean it between uses so you don't have cumin residue going into a spice blend that doesn't include cumin (although a little extra cumin never hurt anyone).
  • Funnel: Just try getting your spices into the jars without one. Yes, you could try to use a piece of parchment paper, but after spilling spices all over the place a couple of times, you'll want to buy a funnel. Skip that step and use a funnel from the get-go.
  • Labels: In addition to the name of the spice blend, you can also write the date you made it. If you notice six months have gone by, you might want to think about making a fresh batch.

Recipe Notes

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend contains sesame seeds, sea salt flakes, dried minced garlic, dried minced onion, black sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend

If you can’t find a similar blend in your local market, you can probably just mix together your favorite seasonings and seeds and use that instead.

What to Serve with this Salmon Spinach Salad?

I like to enjoy this salad with a few whole grain crackers, spread with light cream cheese and sprinkled with a little more Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning (affiliate link) . These low carb Everything But the Bagel tortilla chips would also be great. For a heartier meal add a cup of your favorite vegetable soup.

If you’ve made this Skinny Spinach Salmon Salad Recipe, please give the recipe a star rating below and leave a comment letting me know how you liked it. And stay in touch on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.

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SLO Foreplay is the best!!

Now back to the song, CRAZY DAY **************** Which may be sung to the tune of the 1960's old song "LAZY DAY" ( A loose homage to "Lazy Day" as done by Tony Powers & recorded by Spanky and Our Gang in 1967. I hope that they don't mind)

Big Sky, Moonshine, what a day to take a walk in downtown SLO. Coffee & cream, daydream till Big Sky serves u Vietnamese Heaven. What a day for dashing on fish sauce and lots of red Sriracha. And what a day for playing footsie and being filled with good food. (Refrain) Crazy Day, just right for gobblin' away Crazy Day, made for yummy pork in da french bread Wifey, its just you and me (Honey, you and me) And its health you'll see (the yummy breads are free) Crazy Day, Crazy Day, Crazy Day for (**'n') U & me. Big Sky, Moonshine, aromas bloomin', *waitress say-in' hello. Yelp notes, Yelp votes, People smilin' everytime they go. What a place to be munching, and what a sea of great wines. And what a place for scream-in' I am damned hungry, how bout YOU!

More Big Sky: 1- Great healthy fair priced food choices all around (frequently crowded). 2- Great Specials & homemade soups & Wonderous BLT with thick BACON! 3- Great Free Bread/ Roll /Muffin Basket (Will spoil your appetite). 4- A Vietnamese Sandwich to have an MI FOR! (Bring you own Defibrillator & O2 tank). The PORK is heavenly with the crunchy bread & fix ins! see pic! 5- Great Healthy Vege Choices (Salads). 6- Great Vino selection by da glass (do not inhale). 7- Friendly service & relaxing but dynamic atmosphere with a nice quiet side street view. 8- Parking & a wait can be problematic so go off peak (2PM) 9-The aforementioned sandwich is only on the LUNCH menu, out of luck at dinner time. but you can beg. I did & it worked! 10- A Best in SLO! (forget over-Hyped/ Priced Novo or Red Luna). ENJOY :) More (Ref. Wikipedia): " 1- Sriracha. is a type of hot sauce, named after the coastal city of Si Racha, in the Chonburi Province of Eastern Thailand, where it was possibly first produced for dishes served at local seafood restaurants.[1] It is a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt.[2] The American version has a heat rating of around 2,000 scoville units, or less than half that of jalapeño peppers. 2-Fish sauce is an amber-colored liquid extracted from the fermentation of fish with sea salt. It is used as a condiment in various cuisines. Fish sauce is a staple ingredient in numerous cultures in Southeast Asia and the coastal regions of East Asia, and featured heavily in Cambodian, Philippine, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine. Fish sauce, and its derivatives, impart an umami flavor to food due to their glutamate content. Most fish sauces (extracts) are made from raw fish, some from dried fish most from only a single species, others from whatever is dredged up in the net, including some shellfish most from whole fish, a few from only the blood or viscera. Most fish sauces contain only fish and salt, others add a variety of herbs and spices. Fish sauce that has been only briefly fermented has a pronounced fishy taste, while extended fermentation reduces this and gives the product a nuttier, richer and more savory flavor. Southeast Asian Southeast Asian fish sauce is often made from anchovies, salt and water, and is usually used in moderation because it is intensely flavoured. Anchovies and salt are arranged in wooden boxes to ferment and are slowly pressed, yielding the salty, fishy liquid. (The salt extracts the liquid via osmosis.

WHEN IN MORRO BAY, DO NOT BOTHER READING THIS, JUST GO HERE & EAT CHICKEN/ Coq au vin! A simply AMAZING SLO/ Morro Bay hidden treasure/ semi-secret run by an amazing (Chef) man, his charming wife (Waitress), & a baby! You cannot get more MOM & POP & Baby. than this. It is a true hidden gem & Shawn somehow elevates Chicken to A MAGIC LEVEL! With slow stew-like roasting in a thick pot ( Coq vin & see pic & Wiki ref below). I forget how he prepared it, but it was one of the most amazing chicken dishes that I have ever had in my life (there seemed to be a Sous Vide element about it). (It reminds me of LIdo's, in Shell Beach, amazing slow roasted Duck Confit). ------------------------------------ Irrelevant stuff, but FYI: 1-It is somehow hard to find, it is hidden in plain sight, with very humble storefront, so use your GPS. yes, real "men" can use a GPS, or . gasp. ask for directions :) 2-It is quiet, dark, & romantic, so make sure to bring a loved one. Get a babysitter for the kids. 3-Since it is a Mom, Pop, & Baby place. baby can only do so much, so be nice. 4-All their food is good, but some is amazing. While not cheap, you are basically paying for a "personal" chef at bargain prices. 5- Wine selection is limited, but good. Go for the half-bottle of Tolosa PInot Noir. Other- This is one of the few times where the 5 star Yelp reviews were spot on. Since it is such a small place, I would go right when they open, like we did, to get "personalized" service on a off weekday (e.g. Monday at 4:59 PM :) . Whatever you do. forget all else. GET THE AMAZING CHICKEN POT! with the AMAZO-CHICKEN. I still dream about that Chicken. I think my vege wife ate & liked her Vege selection, but I was so blown away by the Chicken, I do not remember much else. sorry. Anyway, just go here, remember just to exclaim, "OMG, I WANT COQ AU VIN . "

Wikipedia -Ref.: " Coq au vin (/kok o væn/ French pronunciation: ​[kk o v], "rooster/cock with wine") is a French dish of chicken braised with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and optionally garlic. While the wine used is typically Burgundy,[1] many regions of France have variants of coq au vin using the local wine, such as coq au vin jaune (Jura), coq au Riesling (Alsace), coq au pourpre or coq au violet (Beaujolais nouveau), coq au Champagne, etc. Various legends trace coq au vin to ancient Gaul and Julius Caesar, but the recipe was not documented until the early 20th century[2] it is generally accepted that it existed as a rustic dish long before that.[1] A somewhat similar recipe, poulet au vin blanc, appeared in an 1864 cookbook.[3] Julia Child featured coq au vin in her breakthrough 1961 cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and she frequently prepared it on the PBS cooking show The French Chef. This exposure helped to increase the visibility and popularity of the dish in the United States, and coq au vin was seen as one of Child's signature dishes.[4] Preparation Although the word "coq" in French means "rooster" or "cock", and tough birds with lots of connective tissue benefit from braising, most coq au vin recipes call for capon or chicken. Standard recipes call for a chicken, red wine (often Burgundy), lardons (salt pork or bacon), button mushrooms, onions, often garlic, and sometimes brandy. Recipes with vin jaune may specify morels instead of white mushrooms. The preparation is similar in many respects to beef bourguignon. The chicken is first marinated in wine, then seared in fat and slowly simmered until tender. The usual seasonings are salt, pepper, thyme, parsley and bay leaf, usually in the form of a bouquet garni. The juices are thickened either by making a small roux at the beginning of cooking, or by adding blood at the end. "

Ambiance: Total noisy Chaos on the first floor. think "Animal House". Second floor or "off" hours, much better.

Happy Hour: Tasty, but way way too greasy. Avoid the Chicken Slider. I tried them all at one sitting & I did not bother with a doggy bag.

Service: Good to iffy. Generally good since management is fantastic.

Food: Most burgers are quite good, but the Fries. especially the so-called Truffle fries are greasy, soggy, crap. Other choices= do not bother. Taco's, Sliders, etc. are either bland, greasy, or both.

Chain: Yes, mostly themed for drinking massive amounts of beer. not food. You do not notice the grease &/or noise when you are intoxicated.

Line (even outside): You got to be a mad Eureka groupie, a CalPoly clone, or an ignorant tourist to wait in line here. Plenty of of other choices downtown, but it is hard to find a place that can do a good grade of beef rare-to-medium-rare tasty burger that will both fill you up & not dent your wallet too much.

Background music: Annoying & raises the already ridiculous noise level floor. You cannot escape loud Rock even in the bathroom! Ugh!

CalPoly Overpop.: Overrun by semi-drunk or drunk immature brats. welcome to downtown SLO places that have alcohol & are not too expensive.

Management responsiveness to customer feedback: AMAZING! THE BEST EVER. Over 10 Stars :)

General Rec.: Go to the quieter second floor so not to scream & try to go off hours . otherwise crappy seating, DEAFING NOISE, drunken loud morons, & a long wait! In short, both the Burgers & management are 5 Stars, but neither can make up, nor do anything much about some of the other factors. Their is no "local" vibe, it is a Cal-Poly/ Tourist noisy Vibe. Not family oriented, unless you want your kids to become alcoholics.

Nothing to do with the above: Oh & BTW- Between me not having my new iPhone 5 available mostly (since my job forbids them & you cannot keep them in a hot car) & that the app is wonky. & that my me & my wife have or are recovering from either Cancer, Neuropathy &/or other serious health stuff. as well as, the stress of the recent demise of my dad, my recent major oral surgery, work stress, in-law stress, life-stress. my proper Yelping has not been what it was. so sorry to my fans. Much thanks to those of you who still either follow my antics &/or post complements. MUCHOS MAHALOs! :)

A History lesson: Not too long ago, Jaffa & Petra were neighbors, & seemed to be engaged in a long running "feud", which I barely understand. At that time, JAFFA was older, more mature/ quiet, & family oriented (now still is at the new location), but suffered from a kind of run down atmosphere (but not anymore). PETRA, was the more immature hip beer drinking crowd, pizza Gyro place that was a bit loud (now intolerable at dinner time), but too suffered from the lack of renovation (that too has change, but not much for the better- see review). JAFFA then moved a few blocks onto Monterey, & really did a nice interior & exterior renovation. They still maintain great Gyro sandwiches, a mature/ family oriented crowd, still call out your name for the order, & still have their unique way of paying after you finnish your meal. PETRA, did take over the original old Jaffa place & did put in some nice wood paneling, but did not account for the amazingly loud, rude, & annoying drunken happy hour CalPoly crowd who thinks they "own' the place & can shout as loud as they want. Petra also went to number sign system, which was probably done to compensate for the noise. no one can hear your name being called. Most sadly, Petra's food quality suffered lately, & seem to be victims of their "success". Hey, good luck with the drunken Cal-Poly crowd. but I do miss the owners special garlic sauce. Petra's owner & son are super-nice. JAFFA, while not perfect, still has very tasty Gyro sandwiches, and while it has gotten more popular & crowded, it is with a mature, polite, working, older crowd. This crowd (especially at lunch), seems to enjoy the friendliness, the atmosphere, & the great food that they serve here. My lunch mixed meat Gyro, was spot on with three kinds of "rotating meat' that was the right balance between crispy/moist/ & tasty. The Pita bread was fresh, moist (but not soggy). The Pita bread, meat, vege, & sauce balance was quite good. While the quantity is not a generous as Petra's, the overall quality seems far better. Since I used to alternate between the two place when they were next to each other, I favored Petra at that time. but now that I have eaten at the peak times at both, I would have to say that Jaffa is far more my style. In short: if you are over 30 & a working person who does not drink one self into stupor, & enjoys good Med/ Greek food with a smile & serene atmosphere, then JAFFA is your kind of place. If not. well go elsewhere. hint hint. BTW- Jaffa also has parking in the back. Their Baklava is also a winner too.

Wikipedia Ref: " A gyro (/jro/ yeer-oh,/ro/ zheer-oh[1]) or gyros (Greek: , [iros], lit. 'turn') is a Greek dish of meat roasted on a vertical spit. It is commonly served in a sandwich with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce. To make gyros, pieces of meat are placed on a tall vertical spit, which turns in front of a source of heat, usually an electric broiler. If the meat is not fatty enough, strips of fat are added so that the roasting meat remains always moist and crisp. The rate of roasting can be adjusted by varying the strength of the heat and the distance between the heat and the meat, allowing the cook to adjust to varying rates of consumption. The outside of the meat is sliced vertically in thin, crisp shavings when done. It is generally served in an oiled, lightly grilled piece of pita, rolled up with various salads and sauces. The name comes from Greek ('turn'), a calque of the Turkish döner meaning "turn",[2] a name which was used in Greece as well as [doner][3] The Greek pronunciation is [iros], but the pronunciation in English is often /daro/ or, occasionally /ro/ or /jro/.[4] The final 's' of the Greek form is often reinterpreted as a plural in English. Origins. Along with the similar Middle Eastern shawarma and Mexican tacos al pastor, gyros is derived from the Turkish doner kebab, which was invented in Bursa in the 19th century] There are several stories regarding the origins of gyros in Greece despite these backformations the first documented use of "gyro" takes place in the United States. Gyros were introduced to the United States via Chicago between 1965 and 1968. Several people claim to have brought gyros to Chicago and been the first to mass-produce them. George Apostolou claims he served the first gyros at the Parkview Restaurant in 1965. In 1968, Chris Liakouras developed an early version of the modern vertical rotisserie. "

One lonely bird is always here in various stages of dismemberment. While the Turkey is quite good, the heat lamp only seems to heat the very top of the bird. So if you ask for my fav the dark meat on the thigh, it is going to be cool or cold. +Pluses: Other than on Thanksgiving, it is extremely unlikely to be able to get a decent Fresh Carved Turkey dinner elsewhere. Turkey alone= $4.95 -Negatives: 1) Cool or cold even with hot sauce on top. Partly due to a cool plate. Partly due to the Turkey not being heated on the bottom on the carving block for hours. 2) Some concerns about potential food poisoning due to the cool temp. of the Turkey just lying there. They really need to put some sort of heating element underneath, so that I do not have to worry about dropping dead after my Turkey fix. I would be sure that the low temp of the Turkey is a HEALTH CODE VIOLATION. - 1 star. Unfortunately, the other meat/ protein choices (or pre-sliced beast or chicken) are in some sort of unappealing heating closed heating tray. Fixin's ($2-3 each):

(All nice & hot & on the burners) Best to worst: 1) Mashed Potatoes- Yes, they seem to be real & you can get 2 or more types of gravy on top. I get the chicken broth with the chicken chunks. 2) Creamy Mushrooms- Very generous portion of tasty mushrooms that have a fairly light cream sauce. Will go well with any meal. 3) Mixed Veges- Fairly ordinary staple that is a healthy combo of mixed fresh veges.. Not much in the way of flavor, but it is neither overcooked,nor undercooked. 4) Mac & Cheese- Looks great but the cheese that they use is rather bland. It would be far better if they used (more?) Sharp Cheddar or another sharp cheese. Creamy, filling, & you need to add Salt & Pepper. 5) Stuffing- Sadly, it is utterly bland & really needs to get some flavor from poultry liver, mushrooms, & whatnot. Skip it. Other Food:

1) Soup- The kale soup that I once tried here was quite tasty. 2) Salad Bar- Rather boring & ordinary, pretty much like a standard help yourself salad bar without only pricey fix ins. Very overrated. 3) Sandwiches- Unless you get fresh carved Turkey on them, not really special. Other stuff:

1) Off peak times are the best & especially to avoid the noisy crowd across the street at Eureka. 2) Free water & a no tip policy really enhances the bargain value. 3) Service really depends upon the personality of the server. Some are really friendly, some have a flat affect & are clueless. In this College town, the service is actually better than the average. 4) Atmosphere is quite nice during off peak. Feels relaxed. 5) Ordering system is rather perplexing at first & can be frustrating when crowded. 6) People: A mix between college kids, seniors,locals, & tourists. as well as anyone hungry after using Fed-Ex/ Kinkos that is directly across the street. 7) Parking: Basically- usually none, on this side street. 8) Frugal Alternatives: a) The obvious nearby alternative for a good burger is Eureka, but not with the noisy college crowd. b) The Habit has good healthy sandwiches. c) Big Sky is fantastic, but is almost always crowded, & is a bit of a walk. BTW- 1) Please make the Turkey hotter! 2) Have other choices to carve. like Roast Pork, Beef, or Prime Rib! Not pre-sliced beef. - 1 star. Corporate has to do some work for 4-5 stars. I am even willing to pay more. :)

I was Created (on this day) in BROOKLYN & De Palo's was Created first in ole Brooklyn TOO (most likely on a different day & year. I am not quite that old LOL :) ! SO them, like me, somehow both found our respective ways to BEAUTIFUL SHELL BEACH, "THE HAWAII OF THE CENTRAL COAST"!

. and I am going to treat myself to De Palo's amazing fresh BISCOTTI! & maybe some more GOURMET GOODIES Since I am overjoyed to live just down the street, I almost too frequently, find myself looking for excuses to stop here and buy some Gourmet goody, on the way home from work. Yes, it is not cheap here, but the prices & superior selection on some hard to find items, cannot be compared to New Frontiers. Yes, this is a very expensive area, with zillions of homes in the millions, with lots of trophy wives shopping here, but hey, if you can afford to live here, why pinch $100 bills? It is hilarious that I come here all the time and am only reviewing it now. probably because I do take it for granted. SORRY! Since I grew up in NYC in an Italian neighborhood, and eventually lived in Manhattan, not too far from the famous Dean & Delucca (also in Napa, of all damned weird places), I am not stranger to upscale gourmet food. Especially Italian. The are some MUST GETS, when you frequent here (but not everything in the Deli is that great. if it looks dried out then it is). anyway, my favs.: 1) Dr. T's famous daily homemade Mozzarella Cheese. no other Mozzarella comes close in my recent memory! It is $10 for a Huge Ball of the stuff, but so worth it! Great to share on a beach picnic with some vino/ champagne, tomatoes, fresh basil, & bread. (Deli Area) 2) Rotisserie Chicken is filled with fresh Rosemary leaves, Garlic, and other spices, and then slowly roasted. (just under $10, good for 2 meals). 3) Freshly Carved Turkey Breast is fantastic on their sandwiches with Brie Cheese, and some other fixins (about $10, but fills you up). The Deli area has some other goodies, but beware, you can easily blow $25-50 on a several items. My advice is too target just what you want and just get a small amount to try first. I do not think that most of the salads are worth the price. Watch what seasoned locals buy. Like the big ole tasty Quiche slice. 4) Freshly Made Soups (e.g. Minestrone= $10 two servings) & other prepacked ready to zap goodies. Great for when you are too tired from work, feel under the weather, and want a hot soup. Great for Colds & Flu's. (Prepack Area) 5) Biscotti- Both the VERY Chocolate & the Orangy One (Front Counter) are yummy ($16/pd?). 6) Wine Selection is extensive, excellent, but pricey. unless you stick by the displays near the Front, where good deals can be had (Wines= $10 & up). In side and back of the store, the quality goes way up with the prices and it is hard to find bottles under $25. An extensive selection of local wines can be found here, so you can save gas & money on visiting Vineyards & those damned Tasting fees! 7) Fine Champagnes, German wines, and rare large format huge 2-5 Liter Wine bottles can be had hiding in the back. One X-mas I bought a 3 Liter Wine Bottle as a present. they loved both the huge bottle and the wine! I think it was about $99 and well worth it. 8) A Little Bit of almost everything you can imagine for the busy trophy wife or 1% hubby can be had here. It is often fun just to browse this little shop and be amazed at how they manage to stock zillions of different items here. Some are essential (i.e. Detergent, Light Bulbs, Ice-Cream LOL), and some not (i.e. Designer Mustard, Muscat Wine, Grappa). 9) Fresh Veges & Fruits are on display as you enter the store. so if you need just to grab a lemon, here it is! Fresh Cheeses, Lox, Cracker, Pate, Salami, & other essentials are near the Deli. 10) I can almost ramble ad infinitum about their plethora of offerings, but hey, that would rob you of the pleasure of making your own discoveries! SO HAVE FUN. EITHER YOU ONE PERCENTERS OR THE WANNABIES. P.S.- BTW- They have fresh coffee inside & picnic tables outside. but a beach picnic is far more fun! If you happen to stay at one the overpriced nearby hotels, this place will likely be cheaper than the generally mediocre hotel restaurants down the street! P.S.S.- The closest rough equivalents are about a 10-15 minute drive away. such as the Trader Joes in either Arroyo Grande (right off the South 101, Halcyon Rd. Exit), or in SLO (N 101 Los Osos Rd) or the New Frontiers Market on Los Osos Rd. (but since they have no wine, you also need to stop by the next door BevMo or Costco. with all that hassle. why bother?)

What a great ALOHA PIT STOP! This place is as good as it gets for an authentic Hawaiian Plate Lunch in the greater SLO area! Whoever is doing the cooking here, or advising how to cook Hawaiian food, really knows their stuff. Warning: it is only available on Fridays & Saturdays, and is highly addicting & EXTREME ONO! It also is a SPECIAL which is not on the usual menu. Just ask & be Akamai! ONO PLATE LUNCH:

For those of you in the know, or need a basic primer/review, ON ONO-LICIOUS ORDERING: 1) You get two scoops Rice (really moist asian style rice straight from a rice cooker, not the American slop). 2) One scoop Macaroni salad with lots of Mayo (oh, so decadent) 3) Choice of one (or more) proteins: a) Kailua Pork - my total FAV! . in all its smoky savory tasty goodness & GLORY. b) Shoyu Chicken- very tasty & authentic. c) Chicken or Pork Adobo- a Filipino treat which uses vinegar & is quite yummy. d) Beef Stew- this is more of a traditional American choice for those who are less adventurous. E) GET SOME OF ALL OF THE ABOVE for a slight up change. just ask the manager for a special "package" deal. (The Manager here is friendly and helpful with any SPECIAL requests. The youngsters who do most of the serving are quite friendly, but will defer to DA BOSS LADY). Make sure you wash it all down, this HUGE PLATE of AMAZING FOOD, with a Big Pot of French Pressed Fresh Organic KONA COFFEE. Dey call your name. then come and get IT!

AND Yes. it happens to be a funky humble quaint artsy casual self-serve Hawaiian themed Cafe complete with Spam Musubi, Coaches, Fish-tank, Organic Small Farm Big Island Kona Coffee, local/ Hawaiian themed Artwork, sporadic great authentic Hawaiian Music on some Fridays, with an eclectic crowd of mixed Haoles, locals, & Hawaiians. ****Please note that for you Vegetarians out there, they will do a plain Sushi Rice Musubi. and possibly other variants, by special request.***** (Please disregard the LOLO review about the "TOO Big & Salty Spam Musubi". I loth Spam, but hey, it comes salty & fatty out of a damned can & HI locals love it. To each their own! IMHO!) AND Yes. they have all kinds of the usual Cafe stuff like Bagels, Fancy Coffee Drinks, Breakfast, Wraps, and other healthy & fresh fare. They also have some neat Tee-shirts, mugs, Aloha Shirts, and other goodies.

. DO NOT PASS UP A FRESH FED EXPRESSED BAG OF REAL MICRO-FARMED DESIGNER ORGANIC BIG ISLAND REAL KONA COFFEE- ON THE WAY OUT- SO ONO! SO FRESH! I literally watched them tear open a fresh bag that was delivered straight from a small KONA farm while I waited for it. I did not even know about really good Kona Coffee while I lived in Hawaii. besides the crap for tourists. You can also order direct from the small KONA farmers on-line, by yourself, once you discover this amazing Coffee (many small farmers will pick it fresh, roast it, & then Express it to you for $30-60/pd. It is even better than the Luwak (Civet Cat Shit) Indonesian Coffee that I once paid $140 for. Some Kona Coffees even rival the rare limited edition Panama (Citrusy) Geisha Coffees that I also will pay an arm & a leg for (from Katch Coffee on-line. freshly roasted & Fed Exed to you in small batches, once every few months)

AND Yes, it is hidden away in the rather mundane Dollar Tree mini-mall, next to Food-4-Less. IS there any other decent Hawaiian type food within a hundred miles . well Yes, there is Zoe's in Santa Maria (1/2 hr drive away). Zoe's, while good, has Hawaiian food every day, has Lulu (if you call in advance to defrost), has Korean BBQ, & a greater selection, does not have have quite the same good ole authentic HOMEMADE TASTE like RED DIRT! As for the all the other food in the greater SLO area, as a new local, I will almost always pass up the so-called Downtown & other fancy pants overpriced tourist restaurants and just drive to get the real DIRT at DIRT cheap prices too boot!

BTW- I practically worship the dirt that RED DIRT is built on!


At least a DRIVE THROUGH IS A MUST, if you are visiting the greater SLO area area!

WITH THESE AMAZING VIEWS of seeming ENDLESS COASTAL BEACH VISTAS (usually with some minimal hiking involved) & you will feel like you discovered DISCOVERED a NEW EARTH-like planet of your very own. :) It really gives you the illusion of being alone with nature. The natural beauty here blows away all the touristy local beaches like Pismo, Avila, Morro Bay, & almost all coastal points North or South for many hundreds of miles ( we have explored most of them from San Diego up to Ft. Bragg.) It even surpasses many views in Hawaii & elsewhere (& I should know since I flew on business to all the Hawaiian Island for years). The seemingly endless vistas are on par with many views on Molokai, Kauai, The Big Island, & Lanai. Since you have to see this place to appreciate it, I will not go into the needlessly redundant gory details that other Yelpers have described. So you get at least BIG ISLAND HAWAII QUALITY coastal vistas & beaches for free! No airfare & no absurdly priced hotels. The is a even a decent Best Western nearby, as well as fine seafood. Think hot clamchowder! Since I am a lazy new-local type, I had no idea about this place & randomly drove here on a whim, while exploring Morro Bay & seeing this vast Beach/Park on my cars GPS display. So I randomly drove here with my wife on a quiet Monday afternoon a while ago. This place totally blows away Morro Bay, but does close after sunset. unless you camp. Needless to say. WIFEY LOVE IT! A nice day would be to start in Main St. Morro Bay & get some healthy great snacks at their downtown Health Food Shop. Coffee & a danish would be a nice breakfast, since if you are like me, & dislike yucky campground toilets, a low fiber, high calorie meal, with lots of caffeine to get you hiking would be nice. The cool local friendly Health food store does stock some great juice choices to take with you (e.g.- Purple Carrot juice!), as well as, a good variety of everything else in this compact local store. If you really want to pretend that are visiting Hawaii, then get a Tori Richard's 100% lawn cotton shirt across the street (Aloha Shirt Shop). They are cool ultra-comfortable, dry quick, & would make an ideal hiking or beach shirt (they range from $50 to $120 each, but are so worth it. they blow Tommy Bahama out of the water & remember to get a hat, good shoe, rain jacket, camera & a sunscreen). Most locals know to layer your clothes all the time here since the weather can be quite variable (sometimes from a low of 33 to a high of 70). Then jump in to your car and have a nice drive through the park, while you stop here and there in the discovery mode. Since we were not prepared for hiking we just stopped here & there & absorbed the vibe & stunning undeveloped panoramic vistas. You can drive to at least one of the smaller beaches, Spooner's Cove, which was OK & good for kids, but filled with too many people. Our favorite views were ones where you could not see anyone or any manmade stuff for miles of BEACH/CLIFFS, BEACH/CLIFFS, & BEACH! It is simply breathtaking! But again, no bathrooms down there. so you are on your own. After you had your fill of the Park, then to finish off your day in Morro Bay properly, fill your stomach. I would recommend going to Back to Morro Bay for some BBQ Oysters, local Morro Bay Fish/Oysters, and more Oysters after an amazing day of hiking, beaching, relaxing, meditating, sightseeing & romance. ENJOY. :)

Despite the plethora of various minor grips that both local denizens & visitors have Yelped about. this is a solid FRESHLY MADE IN-HOUSE BAGEL SHOP! Besides supporting a local business, you are help stopping the inglorious MONOPOLY of that other Famous Coffee Shop Behemoth , which has over-priced crappy food to go with overpriced coffee. (They do NOT even have Salt & Pepper to flavor their bland sandwiches next door to Broadway! & they definitely do NOT Bake nor cook anything. they microwave their bland breakfast sandwiches. their bagels are generally pale, pathetic, & LOX-LESS) ****** Please remember: 1) Broadway Bagel is probably the ONLY local Freshly Made Bagel place in the greater SLO area. 2) They do make NY style Bagels, which are quite tasty & compare well with the average NYC Bagel shop. 3) They have decent Bagels, even by NYer standards. but they cannot compare to the BEST Bagels Shops on Flatbush Ave. in old Brooklyn, NY. but the Brooklyn Bagel shops did NOT make you either a NY Lox Bagel, nor any decent coffee & there was NO SEATING. you just bought Bagels there, grabbed some Lox & cream cheese from their frig & ran home to make your own, oven fresh hot Bagels. SO, THEREFORE. ULTRA-PUFFY & AMAZING BROOKLYN, NY BAGELS came with lots of effort, plus TONS of attitude & rude NYer service. 4) Just like in Chinese Dim Sum places, I do NOT expect amazingly nice service, just good food. I judge the product, not the service at Bagel Shops & Chinese places. My Advice is to just by either a bunch of FRESH Bagels (or the very reasonable DAY-OLD bag) & take it home to pre-pare like NYers do. 5) Since I am an old school NYer Bagel Purist Nut, just give me a good Bagel with lots of cream cheese, or a NYer Lox, Capers, Tomato, Onion, & Cream Cheese Toasted Bagel. that is it. If the staff cannot handle that, I just take it home & make my own. like I do with the inferior [email protected] multi-pack bagels. 6) YOU get up to 15 different types of Bagels here. where else in this area offers such selection? 7) Guess what, many other area breakfast places buy their Bagels from Broadway, and make it for you. most with far less "Bagel" IQ. 8) Broadway Bagels are on the dense side, but they are fresh, good, local, & tasty. so I surely prefer them to the plastic packaged crap offered everywhere else! 9) Since I found the service to range from adequate to friendly, I did not experience the bad service that appears in so many reviews by faceless Yelpers. Again, even if I have, it does not matter too much too me. it is the FRESH Bagel that counts the most in my book. 10) Like all homemade in-house Bagel shops, the earlier you get there, the fresher the product. In NYC decades ago, my mom would go at 5-6 AM to get the Bagels fresh out of the oven. which was great at that time. but now I will take a slightly less fresh Bagel later in the AM, or even the early PM, since I am a late bird. 11) The prices here reflect the costs of making fresh in-house Bagels on a small scale. Other places have massed produced Bagels that range from OK to absolutely gross (or not even an "real" Bagel, just healthy bread with a hole in it!) 12) The New Yorker Bagel with Cream Cheese, Lox & other fix-ins was quite fine in my book. There was generous portions of all the fix-ins. There was 6 generous & fairly fresh slices of Lox to place open faced on my two nicely toasted "Everything Bagel". I even had some left over fix-ins that I needed to take home! 13) At both Broadway locations, I have found good deals on the Day-Old Special Bagel Bags (6 nice sized various Bagel types for $5.50). but they often sell out later in the day. 14)The only con that I can think of, is that they close at 3 PM, so I am so out of luck during a weekday. Anyway, after my rant. I am a Fan of both their Bagels & their NYer Bagel. I have had absolute no problem with their service at both locations, after several visits. I would have to say that the service varied from indifferent to friendly, but it was far better than the service at many SLO downtown places that are populated by very rude, incompetent, or indifferent Cal-Poly kids. My wife also could not stop munching on their Day-Old Bagels, once while I was working on a fresh NYer. She really like both the Cheese Bagel, as well as, the Jalapeño Bagel. which was a surprise to me. As always, she keep "Stealing" my generous portion of capers. In summary, Broadway Bagel BAKES THEIR OWN GOOD to EXCELLENT BAGELS (& fantastic for the area, unless you want to fly 3,000 miles to Brooklyn) period. IMHO- Service is almost irrelevant. since you can just buy & grab a dozen or so various Bagels & take them home to prepare. so it becomes sort of like. Self-Service. which is sometimes the best. but not so with the NYer. :)

Bagel Recipe Ingredients

This bagel recipe has 3 parts: the dough, the poaching liquid, and the bagel topping. Here’s what you’ll need for each one:

  • Bread flour – Because of its high protein content, bread flour makes these homemade bagels delightfully chewy. This recipe also works with all-purpose flour, they’re just a bit less chewy than bagels made with bread flour.
  • Maple syrup – It activates the yeast and gives the bagels a hint of sweetness.
  • Warm water – Along with the maple syrup, it gets the yeast going, and it brings the dough together.
  • Active dry yeast – They couldn’t rise without it!
  • Sea salt – It’s key for really flavorful homemade bagels.

The Poaching Liquid

Did you know that you have to boil bagels before you bake them? It gives them their signature chewy, shiny coating, and it keeps them from puffing up too much and losing their holes in the oven. I boil them in a mix of maple syrup, baking soda, salt, and water to give them a light golden brown color, a crave-worthy chewy exterior, and a nice shiny finish.

And the toppings!

Everyone has a favorite bagel topping, and Jack and I are 100% on team Everything. We like to coat our bagels in a homemade Everything Bagel Seasoning, but feel free to top them however you’d like! They’re fantastic plain, or with a sesame seed or poppy seed topping.

You can attach the toppings in two ways: with or without an egg wash. I think the egg wash adds an extra-delicious chew, and it helps the topping adhere better to the baked bagels. However, you can also dip the boiled bagels directly into the topping. Without an egg wash, this bagel recipe is vegan.

Find the complete recipe with measurements below.

Tone's Everything Bagel Seasoning (7.5 oz.)

Tone's® Everything Bagel Seasoning (7.5 oz.) is a versatile blend that brings the unique taste of an everything bagel to other favorite dishes. You will be surprised just how many dishes are enhanced with this tasty blend!

Who Is Tone's?

Tone's taps into regions around the world to bring you fresh and savory flavors to simply prepare an amazing dinner experience. They preserve their oils and ensure their purity. Tone's stands by their commitment to quality and flavor and value providing spices and seasonings with the highest level of freshness that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Tone's spices embody the passion and importance that the Tone family still brings to the table with their excellent quality spices especially from them to you. The Tone family upholds their values and high standards for the spices and seasonings we use and love today.

What Is inside Tone's Everything Bagel Seasoning?

This delicious mixture contains quality poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion and salt. That's it! All the great flavors of a great bagel, ready to be used creatively in your own kitchen.

Why Choose Tone's Everything Bagel Seasoning?

This everything bagel spice blend works well on almost everything. If you love breaded chicken, you will love it even more covered in this everything bagel topping. Hummus or other great dips become renewed with a sprinkle of this spice into the mix. Sprinkle on crackers for an extra crunchy flavor or on top of cheese for a tasty coating. Vegetables like green beans, cauliflower and kale become full of flavor with this everything bagel seasoning. Even popcorn will be more delightful with the added crunch of this healthy blend of spices. Sprinkle on salads and soup for more of a crunchy bite and a few dabs in your favorite sandwiches will bring extra flavor.

Trader Joe's New Elote Seasoning Might Be Better Than Everything Bagel Seasoning

If you’re like us, you keep your kitchen well-stocked with just about every spice blend imaginable. For the longest time, Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning held the prize spot on our shelf. But now, Trader Joe’s has a new seasoning you’re going to want to clear some space in your pantry for ASAP.

The grocery chain recently launched a brand-new Everything but the Elote Seasoning Blend that mimics all the crave-worthy flavors you’d find on elote — minus the corn itself. The seasoning mix is a blend of salt, chili pepper, Parmesan cheese, chipotle powder, cumin and dried cilantro, plus TJ’s threw in some corn flour and cane sugar to mimic that sweet corn taste.

If you’ve never heard of elote, you might be wondering how in the world all the bold flavors and textures in this seasoning blend can work together in harmony. Elote is a popular Mexican street food consisting of grilled sweet corn (usually on a stick) that has been smothered in mayo or crema and coated with grated Parmesan or cotija cheese, chili powder and lime juice. It’s salty yet sweet, spicy yet tangy and the perfect portable snack.

We were particularly intrigued by the Everything but the Elote blend because we haven’t seen anything like it since Trader Joe’s released its cult-favorite Everything but the Bagel blend in 2017. In case you missed it, the Everything but the Bagel seasoning is so popular that it was voted as the number one favorite product by Trader Joe’s customers in 2019.

However, we have a feeling the Everything but the Elote seasoning could give the beloved Everything Bagel blend a run for its money this year.

We got our hands on a few jars of this spicy new seasoning blend and immediately tried it with, well, everything. We sprinkled it on hard-boiled eggs, plain potato chips and popcorn, and upon first taste we got strong notes of smoky chipotle spices, followed by a sweet aftertaste that lingers. The blend added an enjoyably spicy depth to our favorite snacks, and we’re already imagining the ways it can liven up dishes like fajitas or stuffed peppers.


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