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Where the NFL Eats Slideshow

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Miami Dolphins

Athletes love Miami. Those in town for a game appreciate its sunny clime, and those living there enjoy not having to pay a state income tax. Both are reasons to celebrate. And Prime One Twelve, the trendy South Beach steakhouse in the Browns Hotel, is one of the top destinations.

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (left) and former teammate Terrell Owens celebrated Ochocinco’s birthday there earlier this year. And in 2009, Ochocinco’s new teammate Tom Brady took his eight-month-pregnant wife Gisele Bündchen there for a Halloween dinner.

Washington Redskins

Wikimedia Commons/Tom and Bonaroti

It’s no surprise that Morton’s is a favorite stop for visiting and local players alike. But the Redskins' players also like to carbo-load at the off-the-map Italian Ristorante Bonaroti in Vienna, Va.

In fact, it's so adored by Redskins tight end Chris Cooley (left) that he has a namesake antipasti dish. The “Chris Cooley Bresaola" has thin slices of cured beef rolled up with buffalo mozzarella and drizzled with olive oil and a hint of lemon.

Dallas Cowboys

Wikimedia Commons/UserB and Nick & Sams

Nick & Sam’s is beloved by NFL players because they always deliver dependable, quality steaks and chops, and the portions are huge. The menu boasts aged beef that starts at 16 ounces for the rib-eye and goes all the way up to three pounds for the porterhouse. Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is a fan, while Reggie Bush (left) scored a coveted table during Super Bowl weekend in February.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City offers a free pass to indulge in baby back ribs and burnt ends and players get their fingers dirty over at Fiorella’s Jack Stack, where the meat is “hickory-kissed.” According to The Pitch, running back Thomas Jones (left) is a huge fan of the chicken wings.

Houston Texans

Wikimedia Commons/Lbking and Yelp/DavidN

Vic & Anthony’s is a go-to steakhouse for Houston Texans players like quarterback Matt Schaub (pictured). In addition to the red meat, seafood, and chicken, the menu offers 12 different vegetables sides, the majority of which come fried, buttered, or creamed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In this coastal town, two favorites of the team are special-occasion steakhouse Bern’s, which encourages, but doesn’t require, jackets and ties, and just down the road from Raymond James Stadium, 717 South, which celebrates its proximity to the water with Asian spins on its seafood. The last was where Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris (left) took his team to dinner to celebrate the end of the lockout in August.

Tennessee Titans

Nashville is home to authentic Southern spots, and Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant rings true to the local cuisine with items like smoked sausage, fried pickles, jalapeños, and chicken.

Former Titans quarterback and undercover musician Kerry Collins (left) felt so at home at Puckett's that he took the stage during a party this summer and played his guitar in public for the first time.

San Diego Chargers

Wikimedia Commons/Blueag9 and Burlap

Despite Burlap’s dry sounding name, it has a catchy philosophy — “West Eats Meat“. Charger linebacker and foodie Shaun Phillips (pictured) loves it so much that he has declared his allegiance to it on Twitter: “Burlap is unreal the food is the sh#t."

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have a hazing ritual that requires rookies to take the elder teammates out to dinner during their first year. Most of the time the bill is a five-figure affair and the damage is often done at Del Frisco’s or Ruth’s Chris.

There is one rookie, however, who prefers to dive a little more lowbrow in Charlotte. According to Charlotte Magazine, Cam Newton (left) loves the breakfast-served-all-day Original Pancake House.

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