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Mars Bars to Slim Down by 2013 New recipes

Mars Bars to Slim Down by 2013

All of the candy company& 39;s chocolate bars will be less than 250 caloriesWith the current obesity problem in America, it seems like candy companies are trying to help out by decreasing serving sizes.Mars chocolate bars, including Snickers, Milky Ways, and 3 Musketeers, are all going to have 250 calories or less by 2013, the company announced.

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Mediterranean Tuna Cold Plate New recipes

Mediterranean Tuna Cold Plate

Mediterranean Tuna Cold PlateThis delicious sampling of hearty, Mediterranean flavors is a satisfying lunch you won’t believe you pulled together in a matter of minutes!Ingredients1/4 Cup drained canned tuna1/4 Cup ATHENOS Traditional Crumbled Feta Cheese6 slices cucumber6 red pepper strips4 thin cantaloupe slices6 woven wheat crackers2 Tablespoons KRAFT Greek Vinaigrette DressingDirectionsPlace all ingredients except dressing on serving plate.

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Pastrama duet New recipes

Pastrama duet

I washed the goose and chicken breast, dried it with kitchen towels. I mixed the garlic with the wine and spices, then I greased the pieces of meat well, covered the bowl with a foil and left it to cool for a day. Then I took them out and placed them on a gauze well greased with lard. I prepared the lard myself from the fat of a large gang.

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Stay Safe During Grilling Season New recipes

Stay Safe During Grilling Season

How to enjoy eating outside during the summer without risking food-borne illnessesIf you love to eat outside during the summer, keep food safety in mind as you prepare your next summer barbecue.Summer barbecues can be a great chance to get together with friends, enjoy the warm weather, and eat delicious food.

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Trailer: The Search for General Tso New recipes

Trailer: The Search for General Tso

“The Search for General Tso is as much about food as it is a tale of the American immigrant experience”Director Ian Cheney travels the world to find out more about the international man of a culinary mystery.In theaters and Video-on-Demand on January 2, The Search for General Tso will explore the “culinary mystery” behind the namesake of the most ubiquitous staple of Chinese-American food.

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